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macon house inspection, warner robins house inspection, forsyth house inspection, fort valley house inspection, perry house inspection, milledgeville house inspection, bibb county house inspection, houston county house inspection, peach county house inspection, monroe county house inspection, jones county house inspection, twiggs county house inspection, crawford county house inspection, baldwin county house inspection, laurens county house inspection, putnam county house inspection, dodge county house inspection, jasper county house inspection, pulaski county house inspection A Structured Maintenance Program (SMP) is a very important part of the home ownership formula. Structured Preventative Maintenance as the name implies can help predict the cost of home management, and preserve the integrity of the homes structure. There are many issues to address when planning on a Structured Maintenance Program. It is safe to say that most people do not follow any systematic plan to control the cost of unnecessary repairs. Most of us have heard the famous folk saying, ďa stitch in time saves nine". This is so true with home ownership. By keeping the foliage away from the structures, by cleaning out the homes gutters, and downspouts, repairing loose caulking, sealing cracked concrete surfaces, all of these are just a few of the many items to be concerned with. I can help you plan a strategy to preserve your homes beauty, and youth. Of course there are many items on a house that will show the need to be replaced, repaired, adjusted and serviced. A simple task involves changing the homes heating and cooling systems filters which can result in significant savings both financially, and mechanically. Another example is the roof system; there are many advantages to keeping it clean, and furthermore allowing its design to operate at its peak. To allow the roof to grow mildew, mold and other organic forms of life, can be costly, all of which can be avoided with a Structured Maintenance Program. A much wiser choice is to have it cleaned as needed, or if you are capable, take this chore upon yourself. Always remember doing it yourself can result in additional expense if you are unaware of your skills. The homes foundation is a very important part of the structure as its name implies. Do not allow over growth, which can keep the foundation hidden from view. It is an important chore to inspect the conditions around the homes perimeter. It is much easier to control insect invasion at its earlier stage. If the foundation is hidden from view, termites and other forms of life may find entrance without your knowledge. One must be ever alert to any changes in the homes appearance and or its performance. Should any system or sub system show any change, it should be investigated by the properly trained personal as soon as feasible, a simple service call is a minor inconvenience in comparison to a catastrophic system failure, due to poor maintenance. Schedule a Maintenance inspection and talk with me about your Structured Maintenance Program, I will be proud to assist you any way I can. Together when you feel the need, we will spend a part of your day looking into the areas of your home that may have some issues you are not aware of. I am available to assist you. Call me for a Maintenance inspection today. It is advisable to consider a structure inspection every 36 months. Together you and I will look over your home.
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