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Customer Appreciation...


"5 STAR SERVICE!!!!  This was the most thorough home inspection I have ever had. My realtor, who is also a broker agreed. He was really impressed, especially with the attached pictures of the problem areas. I would definitely recommend Mr. Brenner's services to all of my friends and family.  "


Michael T.


I highly recommend this company for pre and post closing home inspections

"   I was pleased with the professionalism and the thoroughness of the inspection. Mr. Brenner's arrived early and begin work immediately. He took time to provide details of each area being inspected. The report was complete, informative and concise. Everything was timely. He even provided a follow-up call on an important inspection issue after he submitted his report. I highly recommend this company for pre and post closing home inspections. I don't think that there is a better inspector in the Middle Georgia Area. "

Lee Anne L.


The best and most thorough home inspection

"  Without a doubt, the best and most thorough home inspection that I have ever received.  Thank you for your effort, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for an inspection!  "

Cameron D.



Outstanding service

"  Thank you for your commendable effort and diligence in conducting a pre-purchase inspection for my home.

First, I was impressed with your knowledge of homes, construction methods, and almost all aspects of how to maintain a home.

Second, you utilized your deep knowledge and experience to thoroughly inspect my home. You took the time to inspect virtually everything... You also patiently answered all questions I had during the inspection and even the question I had after the inspection.

Third, you effectively communicated to me your thoughts and conclusions. You assembled a truly impressive written report, with helpful notations and color photos, which I will use to assist me to maintain my home for years.

In sum, the quality of your service was outstanding and I highly recommend you to anyone considering an inspection of a house. "

Benjamin L


Historic House

"  Thank you so much for all of your help inspecting the historic house my husband and I are purchasing.

First, let me thank you for your quick reply to my call, and your willingness to move quickly to do the inspection. Older homes come with unique issues, and we needed to be sure we had the house looked over by someone who had the background and expertise to understand these issues. I found you on the internet, and called you because I was very impressed with your credentials, so we were very pleased you could accommodate our needs.

I thoroughly enjoyed both you personally and your input throughout your inspection. Your expertise was obvious, and your willingness to explain things to me as we went along was wonderful. Clearly, you were fully comfortable with the structure, systems and nuances of this old property.

Both verbally and then through the incredibly detailed written report, you outlined the issues and your thoughts regarding each. It was your evaluation and recommendations that encouraged us to move forward with the purchase of this home. "

Leigh B




"  Rocky performed the inspection for my home, which was built in 1918 and is a fixer-upper. He was very thorough. He performed a complete four-hour inspection and gave good advice during the inspection. I am using his report as the foundation of my renovation plans. "

Josh F


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